SINCE 1993

To gather individuals with entrepreneurial goals in Ontario,

Enhance friendship among our communities and to develop business opportunities.

Taiwan Entrepreneurs Society


T.E.S.T is a non-profit organization. It organized by Taiwan Entrepreneurs residing in Toronto. Since its inception at 1993, members have increased from less than 100 to over 500 presently. T.E.S.T. has developed a strong organization structure with well defined policies in place professional external consultants and subgroups in such divisions as public relations, administrate and activity programs.


Due to the fact that the population of Taiwan entrepreneurs in Toronto has been growing year after year, T.E.S.T. was incepted by the efforts of a group of Taiwan entrepreneurs T.E.S.T’s goals are to be identified as an organization for gathering members’ strengths to enhance opportunities and for overcoming challenges faced.


T.E.S.T. is composed of a diversified group of members from different walks of life. Members strive to enhance business opportunities utilizing T.E.S.T. network. Ever since its inception 17 years ago, through its programs, T.E.S.T has been recognized by the communities as an organization that continuously making significant contributions to our society.


  • Increase members communication opportunities.

  • Enhance cooperative efforts between members and the mainstream businesses.

  • Develop trading opportunities.

  • Assist members in overcoming business challenges.




Morgan Hsu

1992年移民到加拿大,綠的小窩 創辦人。從事餐飲業27年,是成功將珍珠奶茶引入加拿大第一人,其經營理念是透過台灣美食讓加拿大更了解台灣。此外,其公司觸角涉及文化、演藝等領域,是多倫多台灣影展發起人,為推動台灣與加拿大之間的文化交流作出積極貢獻。 在台商會資歷完整,2014年成為台商會理事,2018年被選為第二十六屆台商會會長,2019年連任第二十七屆台商會會長。此外,曾任台僑榮譽董事、現任加拿大台灣商會聯合總會副會長、加拿大安省中華總會館榮譽顧問。




Jacky Chou

自2007年加入TESTT,並參加多種活動。在TESTT工作的13年中,獲得了許多前輩們的智慧,良好的友誼及業務夥伴。 擁有一家主要從台灣進口的美容企業,並且很高興能夠為TESTT做出貢獻。 未來將繼續秉持服務會員、團結互助,增進情誼,發展業務的宗旨的精神為台商會這個大家庭服務及與台商會一同成長。




Tony Hsu

由台灣移民到加國上學、工作,到建立自己的產物保險公司。 在加拿大生根落地已有20餘年, 從2014開始成為多倫多台商會的會員起,一直秉持著商會的信念與熱衷於服務多倫多台灣社區相關等活動。 在未來的日子裡會繼續努力付出。

Morgan immigrated to Canada in 1992. He is the founder of Green Grottowith 27 years' experience in the catering industry, and the first person who introduced bubble tea from Taiwan to Canada. His business philosophy is to make Canada more aware of Taiwan through Taiwanese cuisine. He also involves culture, performance and related fields. He is the initiator of Taiwan Film Festival in Toronto, and actively promotes cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Canada. Morgan has a complete qualification in the TESTT. In 2014, he became a board member of TESTT. In 2018, he was elected as president of TESTT and re-elected in 2019. In addition, he was the former honorary director of Taiwanese Canadian Community Service Association, and currently serves as vice president of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in Canada and honorary advisor to the Chinese Community Centre of Ontario.

I joined TESTT in 2007 and participated in many events. During my 13 years at TESTT, I gained many wisdom from experienced members, good friendship and business partners. I own a beauty company that is mainly imported from Taiwan and I am very proud and be able to contribute to TESTT. In the future, I will continue to uphold the spirit of serving members, uniting and helping each other, enhancing friendship and grow with this big family.

I’ve immigrated to Canada for more than 20 years from Taiwan. Started in school, then work, now I own a Property and Casualty insurance brokerage in Markham, serving customers in the GTA. I joined the T.E.S.T.T. as a member in 2014. I have been actively participated in all the events and able to adhere to the beliefs of the association.

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