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Image by Thomas Tucker
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T.E.S.T.T. is a non-profit organization. It organized by Taiwan Entrepreneurs residing in Toronto. Since its inception in 1993, members have increased from less than 100 to over 500 presently. T.E.S.T. T. has developed a strong organizational structure with well-defined policies in place professional external consultants and subgroups in such divisions as public relations, administrate and activity programs.

Due to the fact that the population of Taiwan entrepreneurs in Toronto has been growing year after year, T.E.S.T. T. was incepted by the efforts of a group of Taiwan entrepreneurs T.E.S.T.T ’s goals are to be identified as an organization for gathering members’ strengths to enhance opportunities and for overcoming challenges faced.

T.E.S.T.T. is composed of a diversified group of members from different walks of life. Members strive to enhance business opportunities utilizing the T.E.S.T. T. network. Ever since its inception 17 years ago, through its programs, T.E.S.T.T  has been recognized by the communities as an organization that continuously making significant contributions to our society.


Taiwan Entrepreneurs Society



  • Time is TBD
    Markham, 8500 Warden Ave., Markham, ON L6G 1A5, Canada
    多倫多台商會全體理事暨活動主席敬邀您參加 "第29屆台商之夜 聯歡晚會" , 我們誠摯的希望能邀請台商會的舊識新知一起前來慶祝並分享我們的喜悅和成長。

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